32.03S      BB   F   # 11B   Girls   15-16   50 Free     1   6   -0.31

1:11.18S   BB   F   # 27B   Girls   15-16  100 Free     1   6    1.59

1:30.15S   BB   F   # 31B   Girls   15-16  100 Breast  1   6    1.46

  • Using this example, the first times shown are finals times. These are the actual times swum for each event.The BB is a time standard. Our EFSL qualification times (click here to view) are set as BB times.
  • The F is for final, the event number is next followed by the event name.
  • The column showing the "1" is the finishing place (1st or 2nd, etc...)
  • The next column shows points earned for the team for each event.The final column shows the difference between the finals time and the seed time. A negative time shows that the swimmer swam a faster time (the swimmer dropped .31 seconds in her first event) while a positive number indicates how much time a swimmer added to their seed time.